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Lemon-Honey Water/Tea
I get great satisfaction when I share good tips with friends and family and this is definitely one of them; a simple cup of warm lemon and honey water or herbal tea every morning! The practice of drinking a glass of warm water every morning originates from the Asian culture, where this is typical. No wonder I keep hearing Asians have faster metabolisms (I just gave you one benefit). 
I am very aware of the benefits of simply drinking lots of water in a day but I just never did. It was as though, going to pour myself a glass of water a few times within the day was so much work. As a lover of lemon and honey (I cook with them so much), I was glad to come to find that, making this a routine start to my day has so many benefits. Tip: To reap its goodness it has to be a habitual practice.

A side note for our Brides-to-Be: As a bride-to-be there’s a lot going on with planning and you would want to keep in good health, weight, clearer skin and just a boost of energy throughout the process and possibly every day afterwards. This little change in your daily life can make such a huge difference.  

There are a plethora of benefits, below you will find the 5 I find most important. Also check out my lemon honey drink recipe and see what else I add in for an extra boost.

-Boosts your Immune System
Who doesn’t need a little immune system boost? Well, I definitely know I do! Honey’s antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties will help you stay healthy and fight diseases, now add in lemon’s amazing component of vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and you are in de-stress land. Drinking lemon-honey water first thing in the morning gives the body a chance to absorb these vitamins effectively, giving you a good start to your day. I even heard honey helps prevent cancer, which sounds about right, as it possesses carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumor properties. 

-Hydrates your body and helps with digestion
Do you wake up feeling thirsty and dehydrated? That can happen because you have been sleeping for hours and your body hasn’t had any water. Drinking warm lemon-honey water/tea first thing in the morning aids in rehydrating your body, in the proper production of stomach acid and helps cleanse your digestive system, preventing heartburn and bloating. 

-Healthy and blemish-free skin
Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, that’s quite true, especially when it comes to the look and feel of your skin. Again the antioxidants and Vitamin C in lemon lead to clearer and cleaner skin, similarly honey’s antioxidants helps repair skin and protects it against oxidative and environmental damage. Don’t keep damaging your skin by hiding it under heavy makeup all the time. You would notice once you start taking care of your skin by what you put inside of you, you will rely on makeup less and use very little when you want to. Start today and watch yourself feel much more confident to show off your beautiful face.  As much as drinking lemon-honey water/tea is great for your skin, which is what we are here for today, another add on tip is to put it on your face too, see below for how.  

-Assists in maintaining Healthy weight/Aids in weight loss:
Remember when I gave away one of the benefits of drinking lemon honey water daily? Faster Metabolism, Yes! lemon-honey water/tea increases your metabolism rate - the rate at which calories are burned.  Making this a morning ritual coupled with other healthy habits will do just that for you. Honey being a natural ingredient contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals which all come together to help in fat and cholesterol metabolism. Lemon contains pectin fiber which aids in fighting hunger cravings. Go figure!

-Energy booster
For a very long time, I had been looking for a “pick me up” solution. I found myself always tired, my mornings dragged and I was just not in the mood. I always felt as though I hadn’t slept at all, maybe that’s you too. Well, once I started drinking lemon honey water daily, I felt a big difference within a week! I am not a coffee drinker but an ex-coffee drinker told me, since she started this practice of drinking lemon honey water first thing in the morning, her body no longer craves for caffeine, Hallelujah! Lemon provides your body with energy as it gets into your digestive tract and calms your nerves down; also the glucose in honey is absorbed by your body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost, whiles the fructose is absorbed much more slowly providing a sustained energy. Start today! 

Coco’s Lemon honey water/tea Recipe:
Serves: 1, Time: 10mins total (Includes time for water to cool down to lukewarm)
- ½ Organic lemon
- 1 Tablespoon full honey (organic preferred)
- 12 Ounce of warm water
- Tiny pinch of Turmeric (optional)
- ½ inch 3 piece sized ginger roots (optional)
- Any herbal tea (optional, I typically leave this out)

-Bring water to a boil, pour into mug and let it sit until lukewarm, about 5 mins.
-Add in herbal tea bag. If using loose tea, brew tea separately and mix in other ingredients. (optional)
-Squeeze in half lemon making sure the seeds don’t get in, include some pulp fiber and stir. You can use a lemon squeezer if you have one. Tip: Use fresh lemon not the bottled lemon juice. 
-Add turmeric and Honey.
-Add ginger and stir.
-Ready to drink.

Optional (Especially for those who do not want the ginger in whiles they drink):
-Whiles waiting for scalding hot water to come to lukewarm temperature, you can add all these ingredients with the exception of lemon pulp and let it sit whiles you go about other activities. 
-Once water comes to lukewarm temp, sieve, add lemon pulp to sieved drink and stir.
-Ready to drink.

Icy cold Lemon Honey Face rub:
I am typically talking and showing you guys what to put in your mouth i.e. Food, but when you can put this same food/drink on your skin, why not! I’d share that too. This is great for your face and helps refresh your skin giving it that glow and pore tightening for those of you who suffer from enlarged pours. It also alleviates acne, wrinkles and excess oil. Doing this every other week would be just fine. It can get a little messy with dripping melting water so make sure you have something to catch the extra drips. This is seriously worth it and you wont regret it.

I would typically make this on Friday morning and use it on Saturday morning when I don’t have to rush out the door to work. 

To make a cold face-rub out of the drink above:
- Add all the ingredients above with the exception of ginger to boiled water and mix. Let mixture sit till cool (must be organic)
-Make sure you boil water first. To avoid boiling water, you may use distilled water. 
-Using the same amount of water above, double all ingredients with the exception of lemon. 
-Once cool/if using distilled water, pour mixture into ice cube tray and put in freezer. Add some fun, use smiley face ice tray (see Smiley face ice tray in shop)
-Wash face clean with cool water after applying your normal face wash/face mask, damp dry with clean towel.
-Begin face rub/massage by rubbing ice over your face in circular motions over a sink to avoid dripping all over. You can also put ice in a clean face towel and rub face with ice in towel.  
-Do this for about 10mins, damp partially dry to stop any dripping water and leave rest on face for about 10mins more. 
-Wash face with only cool water if there is any remaining residue of the ingredients. Then dry with towel.
-Remember Turmeric stains temporarily so be careful with it.  

Let me know if you ever try this and how you felt/changes you noticed!


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