We are a wedding concierge service group and we absolutely love everything WEDDING! Located in Manhattan NYC, we have great insight into where to shop for your wedding needs; you just name it, from your dress to your groom's gift, whatever it is, we've got it covered. With us, you will have the best experience any bride deserves, that’s why we are your best friend. As your personal wedding assistant (PWA), we are here to ensure you are relaxed, stress-free and most importantly that, your needs are met. 

After planning several events over the years; other weddings and her own destination wedding in Africa, Coco-Angellah, the founder decided to provide a service that helps brides get their wedding needs sourced and delivered to them, wherever they are.

Whatever it is, we can get the job done!  Even if you are traveling yourself, the process can still be daunting; "where do I start?, where can I get value for my money?, how can I maximize my time?" are all questions you may need answers to. Well, don't get yourself all worked up! We are here to help you get everything on your checklist done. As a bride, why would you want to do all the hard work? Trust us, your friends and family won't have all the time either and your planner will/should be focused on other things concerning your event to make it perfect. Remember, your only role is to be the queen you deserve to be during this time and get your vision through. The hair pulling and breaking out will end with us because we will do all the work, whiles you take it easy! How good does that sound?

We are aware every couple is different and so are their needs. We will get to know you and your needs, along side your budget and we promise to make it work. How about we find what saloons you should visit for your dress, book your appointments and do all follow ups on your behalf? The list goes on…

Give us the opportunity to work with you and make your dream wedding a reality, seamlessly hustle-free!


Every Bride's Best Friend.